Vulcan cafe Café painting art mural Kirstin Wright K. Wright Auckland New Zealand

Quiet City.

My largest painting to date, Quiet City - acrylic on board - 1.8m x 2.2m partition 1, 1.8m x ~ 3m partition 2 (truncated in this image)

I wandered back to where it lives, in the Vulcan Café on Vulcan Lane, (Auckland, New Zealalnd) in 2007. It's been there since 1994! The whole notion of the quiet city sprang from an idle thought of what would happen if it turned out that cities were as hollow as the sets of old western movies. And then I started adding little things to the picture. Subsequent followings along this theme invariably feature a repetition of the image within the image, and a person walking with an umbrella.

It is a theme I enjoy, I like the colour and the warped perspective. Where is the person with the umbrella going? Why is there an elephant's shadow on the light blue building? A mystery. ;)